3D Printers now for Everyone

Article by: Wolfgang Stark – 3D Printing Manager, Phoenix Dynamics.

The idea of going from a 2D world to a 3D world of printing from our conventional PC or Mac computer not only stirs the imagination but opens children and adults alike to a new world of experiences and opportunities. To not experience this could leave you at a disadvantage now and in the near future.

The history of 3D printer technology is not a new one. The technology has been around since 1985 but was not affordable to the average household until now. 3D Printers are simply machines that “print” in three dimensional using a software (CAD) to drive the printers to do what you want the printer to make by layering precisely extruded bits of molten plastic resin, metal and other materials into objects and shapes.

This opens up a new world to children and adults alike. A number of schools are using art as a means to help children learn faster and learn better. This will create a new world of career aspirations and abilities for our children and tomorrows future.

The average person now has the opportunity to purchase an affordable 3D Printer and accessories and print from our home on our desktop computer. It does not matter if you are using a PC or a MAC. With the type of 3D Printers offered by Phoenix Dynamics and the customer service support we offer you can be printing in 3D right out of the box in a matter of 20 minutes or less. The 3D printers come already fully assembled and with an initial offering of ABS plastic filament the material used to make the objects.

Personal computers, the internet and your standard printer (2D) made us all desktop publishers. Today we have an opportunity with 3D Printers and the 3D software to become manufacturers of our own products.

There is a growing list of products that can be manufactured This includes toys, jewelry, spare parts, equipment for baking, even prosthetic limbs. Best of all this technology can be printed right off of your personal computer at home, office or manufacturing facility of your company.

3D Printing is here now and is available at a cost effective price. Phoenix Dynamics Inc. can get you started.


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